Get to know our Higher Level TEAM!

We are Dream Makers and Problem Solvers, and we want to help you succeed.

CELLTUCK Corporate Higher Level Leaders...what a creative bunch!

CELLTUCK is blessed with the most creative team in the industry.  Creative and colorful team members that are spirited and passionate about what they do.  They're brilliant.  They bring that passion to CellTuck and it shows!  One must be creative to do what we do!

Servicing the RV Industry started back in 1999.  Over the years they've grown because they listened to what their clients asked for.  In 2008 Doug joined their team full time as their Lead Developer.  Together they are one powerful group of doers that get things done.  

The beauty of who we are is that everything that we do is done in house.  Never any third party software.  That's what sets us apart from the others!

DEVELOPMENT:  Our Development Team is in house.  We don't subcontract out of our work.  We built our software from pencil and paper so when a client asks us if we can, we do.  Our Lead Developer Doug, a former professor at a local university, comes with decades of experience.  He works closely with our lower tier team to make sure we continue to deliver cutting edge technology to our clients.

GRAPHICS:  Also in house, our Graphics Team is available daily to fulfill client requests.  All graphics used on client sites are purchased and licensed. We continue to include seasonal graphics in our shared media center.  An awesome grab and go opportunity for our clients to pick from thousands of creations on the fly.

DATA ENTRY:  Our Data Entry team works daily to input all the assets you'll need to help keep your visitors educated on your products.  We continue to load floor plans, PDF brochures, weights, measurements, and tons more to help better your inventory display.

AUDIO & VIDEO:  We have a dedicated team focused on our mobile applications and video platform.  We were the first provider back in 1999 to introduce video to dealership websites and we continue to grow our platform to comply with the ever changing requirements on the internet.  We are approved developers for both IOS and Android.  Our video library is archived from 1999.  We have the largest library of 360 virtual tours, video, floor plans, and PDF brochures in the industry.

Together our team continue to make the magic happen.  They think it, hear it, or see it and put the pencil to the paper.  They're developers and there isn't anything they can't build.   

We build software. We make magic.  We are dream makers.

Our Clients

CELLTUCK services over 400 Dealer Locations across the country. Our clients range from 50 units to over 1,000. Every dealer is treated like family.

CELLTUCK actively participates in all industry related activities including RVDA in Vegas and RVIA in Louisville. We are also members of NATDA and FRVTA, and MRAA.  Angie is often invited to speak and lead workshops as an industry leader.

Our Website Service

Others simply host...we BUILD SOFTWARE!

We support hundreds of thousands of files and take every measure to maintain a secure environment for your website, including daily backups. Our platform even allows you to create your own additional backups of content and settings.

Our servers are located in Florida in a professional environment, with 99.99% up time. Each of our multiple servers have their own role in your website performance. Our websites and video streaming service will never leave your consumers waiting for long load times.  Our host takes every measure to insure the stability of our website clients.


Winter Springs, FL  32708 | 407.359.8878

Terms & Conditions

CellTuck takes every measure to continue to provide up to date floor plans, video, 360 virtual tours, and product brochures based on the availability from the manufacturer.  CellTuck does not own any of these assets as they are proprietary to that manufacturer.  We simply provide automation and ease of use for the RV Dealers that are representing that inventory.  

CellTuck is not responsible for any client that will misuse any of this data or misrepresent the brands they sell.  CellTuck is not responsible for any images not provided by them in the event the origin of any one image cannot be validated.  All images provided by CellTuck are licensed and for the sole use of their client websites. 

The software being used for all client websites is proprietary to CellTuck which can include provided assets like graphics and video.  Inventory, inventory images, and all incoming data (forms) collected by the client is proprietary to the client.  In the event you are in need to terminate service, CellTuck will assist in exporting your data prior to your leaving.  In the event services are terminated without notice, our system will reset and all data is deleted as all data storage is reliant on your URL living on our server setup.

CellTuck provides the ability for the client to assign privileges to each team member.  CellTuck will start each client with a superuser.  Following launch CellTuck is not authorized to update, restore, create, or delete people profiles and/or privileges.  It is important that privileges assigned are relevant to each team member to protect the best interest of your data.

Lead notifications are sent via email to the selected team members chosen by the website superuser.  Financing applications are never sent via email.  A notification will be sent alerting those selected that a new financing application has arrived.  Once any financing application is received, it can be viewed within the secure CRM by logging in. 

All incoming leads (forms) can be pushed to any third party CRM with the exception of financing applications.

All console users must be employed by the client.  In the event you choose to grant any third party access to your console, you must first receive approval and authorization from CellTuck.  It is highly recommended that you never grant any access to your leads which can include financing applications to any third party or marketing company.  


CellTuck will assist and/or train any client as needed however any third party training is billed accordingly.

Winter Springs, FL 32708