Live Mobile Walkthroughs

Stream from your mobile device right to your customer. Your showroom, anytime, live.

Does Location Matter?

Not anymore! Now every Prospect is IN YOUR POCKET, literally.

Your prospect's on the phone with you.  You ask them, "would you like to see the unit now?".  They're puzzled because they live hours away.  NO PROBLEM.

Have them click your UVSLive Link.  They'll complete the form.  You'll open your smartphone App and give them their unique STREAM CODE.  Seconds later, they are right there with you!

Watch the video and see for yourself.  This product will CHANGE HOW WE SELL EVERYTHING.

UVSLive is a FREE feature and available to all CellTuck Website Clients.

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Download the App Today.

UVS Live

Search for UVS Live on your Android or iPhone App Store.  Once you've downloaded the free* UVS Live APP, call us for your UVS Live Dealership ID#.  Every one of your team members can use this feature.  They each just need to download the App and plug in your ID.  Multiple videos can stream live at the same no waiting for the other guy to finish up!

Once you load in your dealership ID# you're good to go, on demand.

Imagine how cool it will be to have a prospect on the phone that's asking you questions about your inventory and you ask them... "would you like to see the unit now?".  They say yes and within seconds you're both connected.  They see what you see just as if they're on your lot with you.  Walk through and talk to them.  Answer questions about the unit.  Zoom into specific areas of the unit.  Show them everything they want to see.

UVS Live

Look for one of our branded UVS Live banners on our client sites.  If you see one, that means they are ready to GO LIVE!  Their visitors simply click on the banner and it takes them right to their UVS Live page!  They're connected in seconds.  Every prospect is now in your pocket, literally!

UVS Live

*UVS Live is a product featured by UVS Junction and available to all  website clients.  Once installed you have unlimited use of the product. 

You will be issued our branded UVS Live banner (all three choices are displayed on this page) and cannot alter the icon image or rename the product or service.  Violation of these terms will result in immediate deactivation.  UVS Live is a licensed product of UVS Junction.

There is a one time set up and activation fee of $650.00.  Upon receipt of your one time payment, you'll receive your Dealership ID# which will activate unlimited employee mobile devices and tablets. 

Unauthorized use of this application will result in immediate termination of the feature.  Only authorized employees of your Dealership may use your ID#

After downloading the App each Team Member will need to enter Dealership ID# only once to get started.  Your device will remember your Dealer ID#.  Multiple Team Members from your Dealership can use the product at the same time.

You cannot use the App without your Dealer ID#.

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