Josh Winters | Haylett Auto & RV Supercenter

Powerful words said...


I fired up the Wayback Machine the other day to look at historic versions of our website dating back to 2009 before our time with CellTuck (then known as UVS). Our entire presence was laughable and unrecognizable before making the shift. If ever there were a "night and day" flick of a light switch difference... THIS was it.  

Our website is the absolute cornerstone of not only our dealerships online sales, but also our brick and mortar sales.

It's acted as both the launch pad and the rocket as we climbed from 27th in New RV sales for Michigan (A Top 4 State for RV Sales) to 5th. We've secured the title of Largest Independent Dealership in the State and are the only stand alone/non-chain dealership in the top 5 (or even top 10) of our state. We've maintained this position among a sea of giants for three years now with no signs of going anywhere as our market share continues to grow.  

I've always felt the success of the platform was due to its unique ability to be custom-tailored to dealerships on an individual level. No two CellTuck sites ever look the same. Accomplishing this goal is shockingly simple and easy between the no-tech-skills-required website editor and the blazing fast fulfillment of CellTuck's leadership and design team.  

We've now reached a point where we can say with confidence we are selling the maximum number of RVs this dealership's facility can logistically handle. Yet, the customer inquires continue to arrive day-in-and-day-out. This platform was the catalyst we required to achieve our maximum potential.  

If the question is "How?" then "CellTuck is the answer. There is truly no better platform for RV Dealerships both large and small. 

Our service to Josh and the Haylett family is a privilege.  He's a perfectionist and we continue work together to accomplish every pixel'd request...and then some.

It's been an amazing ride to watch Josh lift his dealership to where it is today.  Just the tip of the iceberg Mr. Winters...buckle up there is always something new under our sleeves.

Thank you to Josh and to all our clients that value our dedication and products.  It's truly a pleasure and honor to service you all.

What's the big deal?

As website providers, we continue to research new products, develop, and deliver.  It is refreshing to have a client like Josh.  He understands the benefits of a powerful internet presence and remains focused on continued hard work that maintains his site as a mover and a shaker.

Website providers aren't magic makers.  We've heard some promises that our competition has shared out there.  As developers, we find it to be pretty risky.  There isn't any magic.  We deliver all the tools that will allow clients to remain front runners.  We can work closely with our clients to insure that they're getting the best bang on their sites.  Most importantly we are here to service each and every one of the them.  For us, it's about research and development not a commission driven relentless scare tactic sales team.  It's after the sale that is most important.

Carpenters Campers | Pensacola FL

Changing websites is something no owner or GM looks forward to doing. It's always a stressful task.  Website developers try sell you on how great they are, how smooth the transition will be, only to find out after days of conversations, they really don't understand your needs or the RV industry. I searched for over two years, running into the same ole, same ole mindset. Then I met Angela with Celltuck. What a breath of fresh air! Someone that actually understood what I was looking for in a website, as well as the RV industry. 

Honestly, in the beginning I was bit doubtful, I just knew that this was going to be a stressful transition. How could they do what they promised, in the time they promised, for the they price they charged?

Angela and the rest of the staff not only kept their promises, they exceeded our expectations. 

If you're looking to invest in a new website for your dealership, don't waste your valuable time shopping around like I did. Call Angela today, it will be the best call you've made in years for your company. 

Jim Cook
Vice President | General Manager
Carpenter's Campers


We first met Mark from Carpenters Campers at the NTP trade show in New Orleans. Later I was privileged to meet Jim and it has been a delight working with them. We've continued to build their site with a full understanding of their brands and focusing on their internet presence. Jim and the Carpenters Campers family are like family. 

Herndon, VA 20171

(855) 380 - 7419