Video Platform


We certainly understand VIDEO!  Starting back in 1999, we were trend setters and continued to grow our video platform over the years.

Other providers claim to offer unlimited video.  Of course they can because more than likely they are using YouTube.  Here at CellTuck not only do we offer YouTube as a platform, but more importantly, we offer our library that is archived from 1999 when we first started servicing dealers.

You decide whether you want to use YouTube or the CellTuck Media Center.  Publish video on your inventory browser, details pages, and any other page within your website that you choose.

Not only do you have the ability to use video anywhere, but you also have video player choices.  The ability to include unit videos on your details pages.  Multi video players, and so much more!

We also include our amazing VIDEO EMAIL platform.  Shoot the video, load it into your website and our software creates a unique link.  Pop the link in an email and when your prospect clicks the link they land on a beautiful page living on your website with all the coolness that you choose!

We started it.  We understand it.  We dominate it.

NOTE:  Shortly after this video was created, we released our automated floor plan directories.  Manufacturers spend thousands of dollars on producing their YouTube channels and we've created automation.  CLICK HERE  to learn more

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