Why watch these videos?

We take our service very seriously.  We don't have an aggressive commission drive sales team relentlessly contacting dealers promising we can do better than their existing provider.

Our clients come to us through referral, 20 meetings, or just by finding their competition on the web.  We've been around since 1999 and we've seen many providers come and go.

Competition is healthy and keeps us driven.  

We made a choice to create these videos.  It's CellTuck standing on a soapbox.  It's our opportunity to share our spin on service.

We've found that sometimes when competition can't provide a service, they'll distract their prospects or even share that it isn't a cool product at all.

We'll all getting more and more savvy.  Changing providers should be your choice.  Scare tactics are questionable and if that's how someone is wanting to earn your business, maybe you need to rethink their presentation.

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