Hosting & Maintenance

What are you PAYING FOR?

Our largest monthly expense is our hosting and maintenance.

How can a provider say that's free?  If you're not paying for hosting and maintenance and you are having to pay for all the add on, then where is your money really going?

It seems like we are the trendsetters.  Other providers base their monthly fees according to what we offer.  The difference between them and us is our clients are getting a ton of bang for their buck and other providers are having to invoice for additional products because they outsource it to third parties.  They have to pay, so you have to pay.

Ask what you are paying for.  What new products are they offering.  Is there additional fees for it.  And if they're promising magic, think again.  There isn't any magic.

Delivering a website doesn't guarantee anything.  You have to sit behind the wheel, turn the engine on, and drive the car to get to your destination.

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