Collect DEPOSITS and offer BUY IT NOW Options!


The opportunity is there, so why not take advantage of the option to collect deposits or even offer a buy it now solution for your lower priced inventory?

Setting up your deposit options are easy.  You have multiple ways to put collect funding from your website visitors.  

  • Collect deposits right from your existing merchant account.  Select the amount your want to collect per unit based on the value of the unit.
  • Create a global deposit amount that will offer the opportunity on every unit.  This will not process through your credit card account until you decide and qualify your prospect.
  • Offer a buy it now option for your lower priced inventory creating a call to action
This is a great way for your sales team to prompt prospects to start the dance!

Our GLOBAL DEFAULT DEPOSIT BUTTON takes minutes to setup.  A perfect way to soft close any prospect.

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