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Most website providers limit what you can manage.
They limit you because they themselves haven't any control. They farm their stuff out. 
We built our software.  No farming means total control. 

For those that are mobile...

...we make it easy for them.  NOW we've included TWO video options.

NOW your MOBILE website includes your YouTube videos!

You asked and we delivered. In the past you had the option to include our archived video playlist on your mobile website but many of you are actively using YouTube and wanted both.

If you are currently using YouTube videos on your inventory they will now show on your mobile website. If you have more than one, they will all show.

Our mobile platform remains unmatched and now INCLUDES your YouTube video PLUS all the amazing features below that are exclusive to CellTuck clients. The best part is our mobile software is included with your monthly service! 

  • Inventory & keyword search 
  •  Search by Manufacturer 
  •  Search by Class 
  •  Multi location friendly 
  •  NTP/Stag Parkway eCommerce store 
  •  eCommerce smart cart technology 
  •  Mobile About 
  •  Customized and easy to edit header 
  •  Full mobile or fully responsive 
  •  Full view of unlimited inventory photos 
  •  CellTuck video library archived from 1999 
  •  NEW YouTube video player 
  •  Descriptions pull from your inventory 
  •  Features pull from your inventory 
  •  Options pull from your inventory 
  • Specs pull from our provided data
  • Floor plans pull from our provided data
  • Google Map based on location
  • Google Directions 
  • Click to call 
  • Similar inventory 
  • Real time updates & connectivity

Full Mobile or Fully Responsive?

So what is the difference you may ask?  Many years ago, mobile phone screens were small and we all understood the value of creating a hand held version of a website.  Mobile sites were initially built for EASE OF USE.  A place where your prospect or customer can easily click and drive right down to what they are looking for.  Mobiles were built will clean and easy to use navigation and held their purpose.

As screens and tablets became larger, so did demands.  The new buzz word started to surface.  Fully Responsive was the way to go!  Fully responsive means that your website will constrain and neatly fit within any hand held device. A full view of your living site.

Although this option is an important one, we also must keep in mind that not everyone has a larger screen or visit from a tablet.  There are still mobile devices out there that demand a full mobile and can't view a fully responsive site.  That is why we offer choices.

Visitors can select from full mobile or fully responsive.  If they choose full mobile (which we highly recommend) the front end visitor can easily toggle to fully responsive if they want to.  It is important for them to make the choice, not us to insure the best experience for all visitors.

Some clients have made a choice to only offer fully responsive.  If this is a choice that is made, it is important to keep your website and navigation clean with minimal fly out or drop down choices.

The slide show on your left displays both FULL MOBILE and FULLY RESPONSIVE.  On the top of the fully responsive site you'll see a yellow bar.  That is where the visitor can toggle back to full mobile if they choose.  On the bottom of the full mobile, you will see a choice to visit normal website.

You can also see how clean our mobile version is.  Our mobile also includes easy navigation to our eCommerce parts store. 


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