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Most website providers limit what you can manage.
They limit you because they themselves haven't any control. They farm their stuff out. 
We built our software.  No farming means total control. 

TEXT US NOW makes so much sense!

A VLOG hosted by Angie Cellucci.

Here at CELLTUCK we continue to educate.  Our goal is to keep all dealers in the loop regardless of whether or not they're clients.  This blog will share tips, clear any 'should we's' and continue to keep you in the loop with what's hot and whether or not it's worth your while. Angie's goal is to take every 'what about this or that' and pick it apart.  If you have a topic or product you would like us to research EMAIL ANGIE

Your MOBILE visitors WANT to TEXT YOU!

You control it all!

If we think about it, most of us text probably more than we speak on the phone!  So it makes all the sense in the world to offer a TEXT option on your MOBILE site!

We are so excited to introduce our recent update.  Our mobile sites were already packed with so many cool options, but now you have even more control!

This update INCLUDES:

  1. CUSTOM LINK FOR DETAILS PAGE OF UNITS:  This update invites you to add any link to your mobile.  It will publish on the top of every details page.  You can easily swap this out by entering the new link and button text.  Be creative with this as it is a never ending billboard!  Highlight one unit, an upcoming sale or event, perhaps a new service you are offering.  Some of you use a third party financing you can easily include that too!
  2. TRADE IN BUTTON:  This update invites you to include your trade form on your mobile.  Complete the button text and it's live on your mobile.  Leave it alone and your form will not publish on your mobile site.  You decide!
  3. SMS - TEXT:  You control the phone number that is receiving the texts.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to have a dedicated mobile to allow for accountability and storage of all mobile numbers.  If not, no worries, swap out the mobile at will.  Complete the button text and you are done!  When your visitors click the TEXT ME NOW option, it will open their text window where they can complete their message and send it right to you!
Using these new options will give your mobile visitors the best experience ever.  Google scores our mobile sites 100% and we focus on ease of use!

What else does our mobile offer?  TONS!
  • Inventory & keyword search.  This is updated in real time with your living inventory.
  •  Search by Manufacturer.  Bring in a Keystone on trade, it is there.  Sell it, it is gone.
  •  Search by Class.  Same logic.  All your types are updated in real time.
  •  Multi location friendly.  Each unit displays location and offers map & directions.
  •  Contact by location.  Enter contact information for each location for click to call.
  •  Search by location.  Drill down search by location.
  •  SMS Text me NOW option!
  •  Easily insert links.  Include any link you like to display on your details page.
  •  Include Trade In form.  You decide whether you want it on your mobile or not.
  •  eCommerce store (if you have one).  Have an eCommerce?  It will be included.
  •  Mobile About.  Update your mobile content easily.  
  •  Customized and easy to edit header.  Change out your header with a click.
  •  Full mobile or full website (toggle to choose).
  •  Full view of unlimited inventory photos.
  •  CellTuck video library archived from 1999.
  •  NEW YouTube video player.
  •  Descriptions pull from your inventory. 
  •  Features pull from your inventory.
  •  Options pull from your inventory.
  •  Specs pull from our provided data.
  •  Floor plans pull from our provided data.
  •  Google Map based on location.
  •  Google Directions.
  •  Click to call.
  •  Similar inventory. 
  •  Real time updates & connectivity.

You make the choices, NOT us!

When logged into our CellTuck website console, you would simply need to click onto the MOBILE tab.  There you have options to turn your full mobile on or off.  We suggest leaving it on so those with smaller devices have a great experience.  Your visitors can then make a choice to toggle to your full website. 

Toggle from Full Mobile to Full Website.  Update your header at will.  Create seasonal headers easily.  Update your Mobile content easily. Include images, coupons, links and promotions. Include any link at will and change out easily. Create button text for link.  This displays on all details pages.  Include Trade In Form by simply completing the button text.  Load mobile number for TEXT ME NOW option.  Change out easily as often as you like.

So many choices that are easily changed!

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