There are so many ways to drive traffic to your website, but you can trust that there isn't any magic.  It takes dedication and a true understanding...
The different types of traffic are...
  1. DIRECT TRAFFIC:  This is the traffic that comes directly to your website by typing the domain name (URL) of the website directly into the device (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.).  This traffic can be expected from those that have already visited your website and are familiar with your name.  Perhaps from visitors who heard your domain name from a radio or television ad, or even a friend or family member.  
  2. REFERRAL TRAFFIC:  This traffic is clicking from another (referral) website to yours.  They are "referring" to your website, hence called "referral".  Referral traffic is an awesome source.
  3. PAID TRAFFIC:  This means you are paying Google AdWords to drive traffic to your website.  Paid traffic is a great resource and can be budgeted for all based on your personal choices.  Paid traffic can be targeted to very specific pages and parts of your website.
  4. ORGANIC TRAFFIC:  This is a result of someone randomly searching for something, and then seeing your website show up as an ORGANIC (NOT PAID) result.  Organic placement relies on many parts of your website including page titles, content, tags, and other elements.
  5. SOCIAL MEDIA TRAFFIC:  These are your website visitors that come from your social media pages and click through to your website.  It is important that you focus on driving traffic TO YOUR WEBSITE and LIMIT the amount of traffic going TO YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA pages.

We are developers!  Here at CellTuck we do not use any third party software or plug ins so everything we do is living on your website.  As developers, we understand what works and what doesn't.  We build our software to get found.   Our team can assist with your organic placement by writing content, building pages that are relevant to you and your brands, and assisting with you inventory management.  

If it's a paid campaign you're wanting to start, our team will certainly assist with that too.  Not only will we build landing pages, but we will oversee the PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign so you won't have to pay a marketing company.  We'll help you establish a monthly budget and create your ads.  

Social Media should always push traffic to you!  We'll get your inventory loaded that will help generate clicks FROM your fan page to your website.  We have so many creative ways to bring traffic to you.

In short, we help you take every measure to drive traffic to your website!

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