Let customers purchase from anywhere! This Platform will BLOW YOU AWAY!

In addition to powering your ecommerce website, we offer secure payments through a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. This means your customers can browse and buy from your store while on the go, using any mobile phone or tablet! 

With more and more shopping being done on mobile devices, it is important to have an online store that looks just as great on a smart phone as it does on a computer monitor.

Here is a live store to check out!

Carpenters Campers

The BEAUTY of these stores is that YOU ARE IN CONTROL.  Update your pricing and collect all your customer information.  Add pages and links. Create new categories.  Stores have direct fulfillment through your provider, or blow the dust off and sell from your own shelf.  We will always make sure that your store is seasonally current!  This is YOUR STORE and YOU make the CHOICES, not us!

  • Pre-loaded with thousands of industry parts and categories.
  • Sell parts from your own shelf or their fulfillment.
  • Add & create your own categories & parts numbers.
  • Sell ANYTHING, it is an eCommerce store and not just for parts!
  • Sell refurbished generators or pre owned hitches.
  • Sell SERVICES form your store like winterizing or storage.
  • Create call to action and seasonal promotions.
  • Add graphics and slideshows.
  • Feature parts and sale items.
  • Create coupons, gift certificates, and more.
  • Choose your theme and customize your store easily.
  • SELL parts form Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Accept payments while managing inventory.
  • Add BUY IT NOW button anyplace on your website featuring sales.
  • TONS More!


Think of the possibilities.  We did all the hard work.  We've loaded thousands of Industry parts into the store and built the connectivity for fulfillment.  We've even added daily pricing and quantity updates so your store will always be current.  Your store will come loaded with categories, parts photos, descriptions, and all the information you'll need to sell.  But that is just the parts side of it.

What about everything else you want to sell?  Maybe you have obsolete parts that are collecting dust on your shelves.  Maybe pre-owned hitches or refurbished generators.  Perhaps you got a deal on a skid of beach chairs.  Maybe the guy up the block sells street legal scooters.  Simply create your new categories and parts numbers and you are on your way.  Take photos and start selling stuff.

Now think about selling services.  Sell your winterizing package or storage.  Sell services like oil changes and installations.

No limits and endless possibilities are yours because it IS YOUR STORE!


Fully integrate your store with easy browsing including categories.  The cool part is the Facebook shop section was designed for easy mobile use.  Keep in mind that everyone visits their Facebook page from their device!  When it is time to checkout they'll do it through your secure cart and never have to leave Facebook at all!

You decide what products you want to add to your Facebook store.  It is as easy as a click of your mouse.


Our solution was built and optimized to sell from Twitter easily!  Customers get to save their payment information for faster checkout with future purchases.  The tools available will allow you to track sales and move forward your popular items based on your seasons.

Your store will grow your Twitter audience.  The bigger your audience, the larger your sales.  Create Twitter exclusive sales for even more activity.  

PINTEREST selling has never been EASIER

Our solution opens invites you to sell on Pinterest.  Every product living in your store will have a BUY button when you open your Pinterest store.  The best part is your customers can check out right from Pinterest.  They'll click on the BUY button and go right to a secure checkout. 

Add a BUY BUTTON Anywhere

Our solution generates embed code which you can then put ANYWHERE on your website.  Create call to action and all the awesomeness you can think of to intrigue your visitors to click that BUY BUTTON.


Simply complete the CONTACT FORM below and we'll get with you!  We'll explain setup, pricing, and how the store works.  You'll be glad you did!

Jim Cook, Vice President of Carpenter's Campers shared these words

Changing websites is something no owner or GM looks forward to doing. It's always a stressful task.

Website developers try sell you on how great they are, how smooth the transition will be, only to find out after days of conversations,they really don't understand your needs or the RV industry. I searched for over two years, running into the same ole, same ole mindset.  Then I met Angela with Celltuck.  What a breath of fresh air!   Someone that actually understood what I was looking for in a website, as well as the RV industry.

Honestly, in the beginning I was bit doubtful, I just knew that this was going to be a stressful transition. How could they do what they promised, in the time they promised, for the they price they charged?

Angela and the rest of the staff not only kept their promises, they exceeded our expectations.

If you're looking to invest in a new website for your dealership, don't waste your valuable time shopping around like I did. Call Angela today, it will be the best call you've made in years for your company. 

Jim Cook
Vice President | General Manager
Carpenter's Campers

It is refreshing to see that some dealers are not blinded by commission driven sales people who don't understand our industry.  They will over promise and under deliver.  We are a development corporation and there isn't anything we can't do! 

We don't have a pushy sales team using scare tactics to earn your business.  We earn business through referral and loyalty.  

Important Note

Our eCommerce solution is a fully loaded a turn key store.  To qualify for this store, you must have an active account with your parts provider.  To learn which providers we service, please contact us.  

Each store is delivered when your data file (customer number) is received directly from your parts provider.  This may be subject to approval by them.  All providers have different policies.

  1. You must be either a website or stand alone eCommerce client of CellTuck to maintain your live store.
  2. Fulfillment connectivity is reliant on your customer status with CellTuck and your parts provider customer fulfillment information.   
  3. If you are a website client of CellTuck, your eCommerce connectivity is included with your monthly service.  
  4. Payment to the eCommerce provider goes directly to them and is the responsibility of the RV Dealer. 
  5. If you are not a client of CellTuck, there is a monthly hosting and connectivity service fee paid to CellTuck in addition to your eCommerce software fee. 
  6. In the event you terminate services with CellTuck as your website provider and have an active eCommerce store it is important that you contact us to maintain connectivity as a stand alone store.
  7. Due to liability, CellTuck is not authorized to maintain any pricing, sales, or promotions on behalf of the dealer.
  8. CellTuck will provide seasonal graphics and fulfillment connectivity.  
  9. CellTuck will provide continued pricing and quantity updates upon receipt of your parts provider.
  10. CellTuck is not liable for any errors based on data provided by your parts provider which can include incorrect quantities, incorrect pricing, incorrect descriptions, incorrect weights, outdated parts, as examples.  
  11. CellTuck is providing the software to house data along with connectivity and data maintenance.  

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.   

Herndon, VA 20171

(855) 380 - 7419