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Most website providers limit you & how much you can manage.
We don't.  We want you to have control.

Load inventory images...from your Mobile Device!

UVSAdmin...loading inventory photos has never been easier!

How much easier can it get?  Download our FREE Mobile APP from your IOS or Android store and be prepared to save time.  Take your phone out to your lot.  Snap your photos.  Select them from your camera roll and load them directly to your inventory.  Easily search your inventory by stock number or keyword.  Also see how many photos you have loaded into your inventory at a glance.

This application will save you so much time.  The images are high quality and immediately publish on your website in real time.  No more fussing with your camera and having to load the photos from your camera to your your website.

Once you download the app, give us a call and we'll give you your dealer code.

Visit with your app store and search UVSAdmin (all one word).  Be sure to check out our other apps while you're there. 

Watch VIDEO Below to see just how simple UVSAdmin is!

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